MENSSANA – physician software platform to support the diagnosis of patients who suffer from complex food allergies or intolerance

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology is interested in contacting companies or physicians that would like to utilize a software application specifically developed for physicians or nutritionists who specialize in diagnosing patients with complex food allergies or food intolerance. Scientific studies suggest that over 3% of the adult population in Europe suffer from food allergies. In the UK, allergy support groups estimate the number of adults suffering from severe food allergies to be almost 500,000. Surveys from allergy physicians report that a written food diary is difficult to maintain and is almost never completed correctly. Healthcare professionals who work with patients who suffer from food intolerance or allergies need a software application that allows them to manage the patient’s allergy profile while at the same time remotely gather accurate information from patient food diaries.

Software Benefits:

The MENSSANA platform has been designed with the help of allergy physicians to: lower the number of patient visits while increasing the efficiency and accuracy of the patient’s diagnosis, give the patient more control and confidence in the treatment of their allergy, and provide manufactures and allergy/intolerance sufferers with a web site dedicated to food ingredient, nutrition and allergy data

Desktop Software for the Management and Analysis of Patient Data

  • Develop and validate a patient’s allergen profile by automatically analyzing ingested ingredients, allergens and symptoms. Profile then downloaded to a smart phone application and used to diagnose the patient.
  • Diagnosis accuracy improved via a novel natural language processing algorithm that identifies allergens in ingredient data that may be written in a complex, non-standard way (or in a foreign language).
  • Software includes functionality that calculates the relative risk for food items based on the patient’s profile.
  • Database of manufacturer products with ingredient/allergen data dynamically linked for use by both the physician and patient.
  • Designed to work with ICD10 and pharmacological (CEFIP) databases for standardization in patient profiles.
  • Java® based technology. Available for Mac OS, Windows and Linux operating systems.

Personal Allergy Assistant®- Mobile Application for Smart Phones

  • Electronic Patient Diary – easily record consumed food products, medications, symptoms, and physical activities. Data uploaded/downloaded to the physician’s desktop via secure, normal cell phone connection.
  • Bar code reading functionality alerts patient when possible allergen has been identified based on established profile. Links food products, ingredient and allergen data to provide reliable data for purchase decisions
  • Time stamped entries increase the accuracy of the data collected from the patient. Physician’s software can then correlate symptoms to food/medicine ingestion times in order to accurately identify allergens.