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Note: Since ingredients can change and transmission or typing errors can not be be excluded completely, WikiFood requests all users urgently, to check the ingredient lists on the package for substances, that might be incompatible for them before ingestion. Please note that according to EU legislation it is not always compelling for the producer to provide a detailed and complete listing of all contained substances. In the case of doubt the user should contact the manufacturer before the consumption and eliminate ambiguity.

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The proportion of the nutritional values is relative to 100 grams or milliliters of the product.

The proportion of the nutrition values is proportional to package size. It is calculated on the basis of 100 grams or milliliter of the product.

This product contains ingredients, which you have excluded in the filter settings.

The list of ingredients refers to the manufacturer information on the product packaging.

The list of allergens contains 14 frequently incompatible ingredients. If those are included in the product, they must be specified by the manufacturer under the applicable law of the European Union.

The Daily Requirement is based on the specifications of the GDA (Guided Daily Amount) standard that was specified in the UK. All data refer to a benchmark of 2000 kcal per day and are available for caloric value, protein, carbohydrates, sugar, fat, saturated fat, fiber and salt (sodium).

Food Notes are additional information that have been declared by the manufacturer or have been worked out through data analysis.

The nutritional values are based on the manufacturer information of the product packaging. The values are in relation to 100 grams or milliliters of the product. Further quantitative indications are based on these values.

The traffic light labeling is based on the requirements of the Food Standards Agency. It provides an assessment of how healthy the consumption of 100 grams or milliliter of the product is based on the nutritional information. The nutritional values ​​considered are fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt (sodium).

The details on energy value describe the percentage of fat, protein and carbohydrates in the energy content of a product. The components have different effects on the energy value. The calorific value of fat is 37kJ/g, whereas the caloric value of protein and carbohydrates is only 17kJ/g.

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Nutritive values

ContentDaily amount
Energy 156.0kj 2%
Energy 37.0kcal 2%
Protein 0.2g < 1%
Carbohydrate 8.0g 3%
Sugar 6.9g 8%
Fat 0.1g < 1%
Saturates 0.1g < 1%
Fibre 1600.0mg 7%
ContentDaily amount
Energy 78.0kj < 1%
Energy 18.5kcal < 1%
Protein 0.1g < 1%
Carbohydrate 4.0g 2%
Sugar 3.4g 4%
Fat 0.0g < 1%
Saturates 0.0g < 1%
Fibre 800.0mg 3%


Äpfel*, Wasser, Säurungsmittel: Zitronensäure, Antioxidationsmittel: Ascorbinsäure

*kontrolliert biologischer Anbau

not available

not available


Food notes

lactosefree, wheat free, celery free, mollusc free, soy free/ soy bean free, glutenfree, sesame free, nut free, almond free, hazelnut free, egg free, milk protein free, vegan, mustard free, vegetarian, lupine free, fish free, yeast free, peanut free, cow´s milk protein free, without pork

Traffic light rating system


0.1g per 100g


0.1g per 100g


6.9g per 100g